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Yuba Community College District
  • Position Number: 3562833
  • Location: Yuba City, CA
  • Position Type: Facilities Management

Assistant Director of Maintenance and Operations - WCC

Location: Woodland Community College - Woodland, CA

Job Description:
BASIC FUNCTION: Under the direction of the Director of Facilities Planning, Maintenance and Operations, coordinates, directs, oversees, and supervises college maintenance and operations activities, staff, services, contractors, vendors, and projects for the District.

Essential Duties Summary:
Assists the Director of Facilities Planning, Maintenance and Operations by overseeing and supervising the activities of District maintenance and operations employees. This position will be assigned primary responsibility at either Woodland Community College or at Yuba College but may at times, provide back-up support and coverage for either Woodland Community College or Yuba College. This is a "hands-on" management position.

  • Assures that each College/District location is as safe, healthy, clean, secure, and well cared for as possible with available resources.
  • Proactively leads work with staff to improve safety and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries within the maintenance and operations department.
  • Attend, participate, and complete action items and assignments associated with one of the two regularly scheduled College safety committee meetings. Support safety improvements to reduce the risk of incidents and property loss within the maintenance and operations department.
  • Coordinates Keenan safety training sessions with staff to ensure that everyone has completed all required and assigned safety training.
  • Investigate and verify that staff are applying safety best practices in their day-to-day work.
  • Responds to and ensures timely resolution of immediate safety issues.
  • Coordinates and directs visitors and safeguards district property; adheres to all state and federal laws and regulations regarding safety and health.
  • Ensure facilities staff have the proper/required safety gear and equipment for work assignments.

Supervise College Maintenance and Operations Staff:
Under the direction of the District Director of Facilities Planning, Maintenance, and Operations; directly supervises maintenance and operations staff assigned to work at various College locations associated with either Woodland Community College or at Yuba College. Supervision responsibilities include assigning, prioritizing, balancing of workloads in a fair and considerate manner, and ensuring the timely completion work tasks, within available resources, for staff reporting to this position.
  • Generate and provide performance evaluations for all assigned M & O staff every 2 years.
  • Investigate, generate, and process investigations regarding alleged incidents.
  • Provide timely verbal and written disciplinary measures as warranted.
  • Works closely with the Director of Facilities Planning, Maintenance, and Operations in establishing work priorities.
  • Work a full shift side by side with custodians or trades staff at least twice per Month.
  • Coordinates and oversees the activities of skill trade persons, general maintenance staff, custodians, student workers, and other maintenance and operations staff at the assigned College and campus level; conducts training; provides input to performance evaluations.
  • Ensures and supports a fair, equitable, and the professional unbiased and respectful treatment of all maintenance and operations staff.
  • Ensure work of others is completed in a safe, with high quality, professionally, and in a timely manner.
  • Plan, coordinate, assign staff resources, participate with the event preparations, and ensure event needs are satisfied regarding graduation ceremonies.
  • Reviews, approves, or closes work orders. Assigns and tracks work orders with the appropriate trade staff. Inspects completed work and reports information regarding any necessary follow-up to the work order requestor.
  • Coordinates vacation schedules with assigned staff to ensure the best possible consistent services for the College. Coordinates available assigned staff when employees call in sick or are unable to work to rebalance the workload in a fair and equitable fashion. Reviews and verifies the accuracy of time cards for maintenance and operations employees.
  • Celebrates successes and provides recognition to the responsible team and specific employees when exceeding expectations or meeting important College/District needs.
Project Management and Coordination:
  • Assists the Director of Facilities Planning, Maintenance, and Operations in the preparation of annual Scheduled Maintenance, Capital Projects, One-Time Funded Special Projects, and General Maintenance and Operations strategies.
  • Manages assigned small to medium projects, mostly under $500,000 in value, from start to finish with assigned resources, within budgetary and schedule constraints, in alignment with Department of the State Architect and Division of Industrial Relations regulations, and to meet College/District needs.

Budget Resource Management:
  • Plans, processes, monitors, prioritizes, coordinates, and reports on expenditures associated with responsible College locations, to work within available operating budgets for the current fiscal year.
Continuous Improvement Processes, Procedures, and Initiatives:
  • Generates and monitors progress toward completing short and long-term goals and initiatives for continuous improvements in both processes and procedures to improve efficiencies and performance as well as for physical facilities and grounds improvements utilizing available resources and maximizing student success and positive impacts.
Maintain Functional Integrity and Operational Capacity:
  • Provides creative solutions to complex problems.
  • Trouble-shoot issues with control systems, access systems, building automation and energy management software, equipment reliability, utility systems such as grounds irrigation systems, lighting systems, boiler and chiller integration, seasonal transitions, and program specific needs to ensure energy and functionally efficient and reliable performance.
  • Provide emergency response support, monitor cell phone, and be prepared to respond promptly to emergencies 24 hours per day, seven days per week.
  • Shall carry, monitor, and use a College provided radio. Must also carry a cell phone that can receive text messages and voice messages, in good working condition, to allow prompt responses to calls and messages in a customer service oriented fashion.

  • Attend and participate in other meetings as assigned which may include Northern California Community College Summits, OSHA training, FUSION software training, Budget and Purchasing/finance training, and other training conferences and classes to enhance the knowledge and ability of the employee to perform assignments.
  • Ensures that all required grounds staff have completed all needed training and licensing to allow the applications of pesticides and herbicide chemicals as part of an annual continuing education program.
Promotes and Maintains Positive Relationships By:
  • Respectfully work closely with and coordinate facilities maintenance and operations matters with the colleges Executive Leadership and the College location "Director of Operations", service contractors and vendors to provide timely high quality services.
  • Communicates effectively, respectfully, and clearly using oral, written, and electronic media.
  • Encourages team building, trust, and positive interpersonal skills and relationships both within the maintenance and operations teams and with the greater college community.
  • Provides fair, reasonable, and optional overtime opportunities in alignment with the CSEA union contract to meet urgent College needs.
General Operational Responsibilities include:
  • On a daily basis, this position is responsible to coordinate the work of reporting staff, ensure the functional operations of the central chilled water and boiler plants. This position promptly answers emails and phone calls and text messages, coordinates the ordering of needed supplies and materials, coordinates the work of service vendors and contractors, schedules and attends meetings, responds to emergencies, and is solutions oriented regarding challenges that come up.
  • On a weekly basis, coordinates safety training, elevator testing, and event set-ups, leads coordination team meetings with reporting staff and assigns/coordinates work orders with available staff.
  • On a monthly basis, ensures that fire extinguisher inspections are completed, generates needed pesticide management monthly reporting, meets regularly with the Yuba College President and the District Director of Facilities Planning, Maintenance, and Operations, and generates natural gas procurement projections through the Department of General Services.
  • On an annual basis, ensures that all boilers have preventative maintenance and state inspections just prior to the heating season (winter). Responsible to ensure that all chillers have preventative maintenance performed just prior to the cooling season (summer). This position is also responsible to complete hazmat inspection, coordinate state Elevator Inspections, coordinate Fire Alarm Systems Inspections and Testing, Fire Hydrant Testing, Back-Flow Preventer testing, Feather River Air Quality Inspections, Integrated Pest Management documentation in conformance with various local, state, federal, and district rules and regulations. Equipment shall be maintained in a safe operating condition. Complete preventative maintenance on systems to maintain functional operational capacity.
  • Coordinates and ensures the proper disposal of hazardous materials.
  • Updates fleet equipment parts inventory, insurance certificates, registration, emission and safety inspections, testing, and reporting.
  • Coordinate and take responsibility for archiving of controlled document storage, shredding, and reporting per department procedures, and college/district policies and administrative procedures.
  • Uses a computer for entry and retrieval of information for work assignments. Takes training when offered or as needed to perform the work assigned in the most effective and productive manor.
  • Estimates the cost of projects, work order requests; specifies materials/means/methods to complete work, procures supplies, maintains an inventory of spare parts and supplies, coordinates the most effective parts and supplies investment strategies.
  • Plans, coordinates, and leads the moving staff from one location to another, may coordinate movers, and may provide "Move Coordinator" services for a larger "move" project.
  • Supports the need for and ability to implement a strategy for natural gas utilities curtailment if needed.
  • Provides ongoing facilities inspections and audits regarding campus buildings, and utilities with emphasis on the review of and maintenance of the physical condition of roofs, exteriors and interiors of buildings, the operational condition of HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and other related infrastructure systems.
  • Ensure that elevators, boilers, emergency generators all have proper certificates of compliance with regulatory agencies.
  • Maintains a well-organized and secure grounds and maintenance shop, equipment repair shop, vehicles, equipment, tools, and storage areas.
  • Prepares, coordinates, and reports on the progress of routine maintenance schedules for buildings, utilities, and grounds.
  • Performs "hands on" trades and/or custodial services tasks on a regular basis, working side by side with maintenance and operations staff. Plan to work at least one full shift every two weeks in this capacity. May need to "fill-in" for employees not able to work.
  • Performs other related work assignments and duties as assigned.

  • General accepted construction principles and practices as related to public works and higher education.
  • Methods, materials, tools, safety practices and equipment used in building maintenance and construction.
  • ADA requirements related to building and construction maintenance.
  • Safety factors in the operation of equipment and materials. Safe operation and proper maintenance of tools, equipment and machinery used in the building and construction maintenance trades.
  • Basic math.
  • Principles of training and providing work direction.
  • Proper methods of storing equipment, materials and supplies.
  • Applicable safety codes, ordinances and regulations.
  • Project delivery methods including the California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act, (CUPCCAA).
  • District "Agreement for Services" process and procedure in qualifying contractors and service providers prior to allowing them to do work at the College.
  • Verify that Contractors register with the Division of Industrial Relations before awarding project work.
  • Acquiring needed Insurance forms with appropriate coverage levels as a pre-qualification of doing work at the District.
  • Acquiring a W-9 form before awarding work to a contractor or service provider.
  • District Administrative Procedures and Policies.
  • FUSION software used in coordinating and planning scheduled maintenance, 5-year capital projects, and in generating and coordinating space inventory reports.
  • Building Automation Systems used to monitor and control facilities HVAC systems, lighting, equipment such as heating boilers and cooling chillers, pumps, and other infrastructure systems.
  • CSEA union labor agreement. Maintains a positive relationship with the CSEA President.
  • Division of the State Architect (DSA) project processes and procedures.
  • Department of Industrial Relations Regulations and Procedures, especially as they apply to prevailing wages associated with contracted work by contractors and vendors.
  • Use and apply items listed in the "Knowledgeable of" section above.
  • Under the direction of the District Director of Facilities Planning, Maintenance, and Operations, generates purchase requisitions, request budget transfers, and coordinate the use of the annual operating budget for the areas of responsibility. This includes prioritizing and trending expenditures to cover the needs of the college through the end of the fiscal year without the need for additional budget resources.
  • Ability to work with limited resources, with difficult or challenging employees, in stressful work conditions to accomplish assignments and create positive results.
  • Demonstrates a "see it, own it, solve it, do it" philosophy of positive encouragement, responsibility, and accountability on a personal and team level.
  • Work respectfully with others, support emerging college needs, and maintain positive relationships with executive leadership, the Director of Facilities Planning, Maintenance, and Operations, the college staff, and reporting staff. To be successful, the person in this position listens effectively, and is solutions oriented, with a "can-do" positive approach to assignments and responsibilities.
  • Demonstrate understanding of, sensitivity to, and respect for the diverse academic, socio-economic, ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds, disability, and sexual orientation of community college students, faculty and staff.
  • Analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action.
  • Plan, organize, coordinate, and oversee the work of assigned staff.
  • Maintain accurate records and reports on completed assignments.
  • Operate and maintain a variety of equipment and tools.
  • Use a computer and software such as Outlook, FUSION, Allerton or Automated Logic Building Automation Systems, Access Systems, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems such as Net Facilities, Microsoft Office Software including MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Project.
  • Operate Fire Alarm Panel Information to determine fault conditions and alarm conditions trouble-shooting, silencing alarms, and resetting the system after repairs are completed.
  • Operate and program Access Control Systems as needed to maintain access for College activities and instruction.
  • Perform emergency repairs and adjustments as required to campus equipment, including plumbing equipment, repairing broken pipes, cleaning plugged drains, replacing washers, faucets and valves, cleaning grease traps and flushing or unplugging sewer lines.
  • Coordinate all needed activities associated with the key access systems, key issuance, and tracking of key records and control.
  • Ensures that all emergency exit lights, exit signs, fire extinguishers are all operating properly and inspected regularly.
  • Observe legal and defensive driving practices.
  • Work independently and under minimal supervision.
  • Respond to emergencies in a timely fashion in order to minimize damage or the adverse effects of utility systems and infrastructure failures.
  • Works side by side with the reporting staff on a regular basis to get work done and build a "team" culture of trust and ownership.
  • Works overtime when requested and able to do so. Willing to work overtime or a "flex schedule" that includes weekends or at night to complete urgently needed work or to respond to an emergency.
  • Regularly drive personal vehicle or District vehicle to service the maintenance and operations needs of the assigned College locations.

Required Qualifications:
EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Educational Minimum Requirement or Equivalent*: Graduation from High School, and a Bachelors degree (OR Equivalent as noted below) in maintenance management, construction management, or related fields. A Supervisor Electricians License or Journeyperson HVAC Controls or Mechanical Systems License is preferred. Experience Minimum Requirement or Equivalent*: At least 4 years of progressive leadership and supervisory experience with maintenance and operations teams in a higher education institution, K-12 school district, or a public entity (OR Equivalent as noted below). Experience supervising within a union environment is a plus. Experience performing medium and high voltage electrical distribution system preventative maintenance is preferred. A proven record of accomplishment in completing assignments on time and with available resources is preferred. Recent experience managing construction projects with a value of $100,000 or more is preferred.*Equivalent Education and Experience (Any one of the three Equivalents below):
  • Graduation from high school, 8 years of increasing responsible maintenance or construction trades experience as a member of a team and includes the operation of various trades specific tools and equipment, AND one year of associated supervisory experience, OR:
  • Graduation from high school, 8 years experience as a State of California licensed General Contractor, OR a licensed Maintenance Services Contractor, OR an associated related licensed Contractor in California, OR:
  • An associates degree in general education or an related field, OR a Journeyperson level trade license, AND at least 2 years of increasing responsible maintenance or construction trades experience as a member of a team and includes the operation of various trades specific tools and equipment, AND one year of supervisory experience.

Desired/Preferred Qualifications:
  • Possession of a valid class "C" California drivers license.
  • Possession of or ability to attain the following within 6 months of hire:
  • Lift Truck (Forklift) Operators Certificate.
  • Boom Truck Operators Certificate
  • First Aid/CPR training and certificate/card is required.
  • California OSHA safety training regarding Lock-Out/Tag-Out, Confined Space Entry, Fall Protection, Safe Lifting, and Incident Reporting Requirements is required.

Optional certificates and licenses:
  • Certificates and licenses in facilities and maintenance related work trades.
  • Certificates and licenses associated with HVAC building automation system control and mechanical systems.

Physical Demands:
  • Indoor, office environment and outdoor environment, with climate changes.
  • Fast paced higher education environment with sudden emerging needs and dynamic change.
  • Includes travel to conduct work at various College locations.
  • Seasonal heat and cold or adverse weather conditions.
  • Wind, rain, and adverse weather conditions at times during the year.
  • The employee is frequently exposed to moving mechanical parts, high voltage,
  • Chemicals, fumes, dirt, dust and plumbing and sewer hazards.
  • The District covers 8 counties and 4,200 square miles of area. This position is required to drive as needed to service assigned College locations that may include all District locations at times.

  • Hearing and speaking clearly to communicate with employees regarding job assignments and expectations.
  • Sight in order to be aware of hazards and dangers found in the nature of the work.
  • Regularly stand, walk, and sit for extended periods.
  • Ability to climb, stoop, kneel, reach, push, pull, grasp, and perform repetitive motions.
  • Climb ladders of varying heights.
  • Ability to maneuver in crawl spaces, attics, and utility tunnels.
  • Perform heavy physical labor, if required, lifting objects weighing up to 50 pounds.
  • Weather extremes such as summer heat, winter cold, rain, wind, and other conditions.
  • Vibration, fumes, and noise when operating equipment.
  • Lifting heavy items and moving furnishings.
  • Responding to emergencies such as utilities failures, floods, and fires.
This position is compensated at a management level 24. This position normally works Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 4:00pm, 40 hours per week. There will be times when this position requires additional work hours. The successful applicant will have the ability to work nights and weekends when needed, to respond to an emergency, provide operational support, or complete a project or assignment. A mileage stipend and a cell phone stipend will be included in the benefit structure of these positions.

Range/Step: Range 28, Management Salary Schedule

Salary Range: $83,751 - $112,575/YR.

Benefits Information:
PART-TIME (less than .60 FTE): Part-time positions less than .60 FTE are not entitled to any District paid fringe benefits. The District does however; provide the employee prorated leaves including vacation, sick leave and paid holidays. Employees less than .50 FTE contribute to an Alternative Retirement System (Apple). Employees whose, FTE is between .50 and .60 contribute to the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS).

BENEFITS/SALARY: The District offers a comprehensive benefits package for employees and dependents for positions whose FTE is .60 or higher, valued at over $24,000 annually with no out of pocket expense to employees + dependents for their monthly medical premiums. The package includes health, dental, vision, one (2) life insurance policies and an Employee Assistance program. Additional benefits include contributions to the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) which is integrated with Social Security, 457/403b options, 22 Vacation days , 12 days of sick days, use or lose days and 19 holidays.

SALARY: Step 1: $83,751/yr - Step 9 $ 112,575/yr. Range 28, Management Salary Schedule, initial placement will not be higher than Step 5 of the salary schedule. The top step for this position is $112,575 /YR.

* This position is anticipated to be assigned to Woodland Community College but may be assigned temporarily or permanently within the District.

If you require reasonable accommodation to apply for this position, contact the Human Resources Office at (530) 741-6975.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Categorically funded positions are contingent upon funding. In accordance to Board Policy, smoking is restricted in many areas of the Yuba Community College District. Woodland Community College is a tobacco free campus.

The District has the right to establish work day, work week, work year; hours of positions within the District may vary.

INTERVIEW: Candidates selected for an interview will be required to visit Yuba Community College District at his/her own expense upon a date selected by the District. Meeting minimum qualifications does not guarantee an interview.

FOREIGN TRANSCRIPTS: Must include a U.S. evaluation and translation. Contact the Human Resources website for a list of agencies providing foreign transcript services.

PRE-EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTS: Employment is dependent upon Department of Justice (DOJ) clearance; all fees are the responsibility of the selected candidates and serves the purpose of obtaining a criminal history as authorized by the California Education Code. All prospective employees shall be required to provide verification of TB test.

EQUAL EMPLOYMENT: Yuba Community College District is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and guarantees equal opportunity regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, gender, marital status, disability, religious or political affiliation, age or sexual orientation and does not discriminate in its educational programs, in employment nor in any other of its activities.

Posting Number: AS576P
Open Date: 08/18/2022
Close Date:
Review Start Date: 11/25/2022
Open Until Filled: Yes

Special Instructions to Applicants:
This position will support Woodland Community College, the Colusa County Campus and the Lake County Campus. Travel is required between all sites on a weekly basis.

To apply, visit

EEO Statement As an equal opportunity employer with a diverse staff and student population, the Yuba Community College District is committed to creating an inclusive and effective learning and working environment for all.

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